1. What is a cucumber?
    1. Cucumber is a software tool used for testing other software.

    2. It runs automated tests written in a behavior driven development (BDD) style. 

    3. Cucumber is BDD Framework.
    4. Using cucumber we write the tests cases in a plain english sentence defined by a language called Gherkin.
    5. Every sentence is prefixed by Gherkin Keyword.
  2. What are the Gherkin keywords?
    1. Given
    2. When
    3. Then
    4. But
  3. What are the BDD Tools?
    1. Cucumber
    2. JBehave
    3. Spec Flow
    4. NBehave
  4. What are the cucumber implementation?
    1. Java
    2. C#
    3. Ruby
    4. Python
    5. PHP
    6. C++
    7. JavaScript
  5. Why do you want use cucumbner?
    1. Cucumber scenarios are written in plain english text.
    2. Any one can easily understand the scenarios, and can easily review and tell you the missing scenario.
    3. It bridge the gap between the testers and clients
    4. Cucumber supports multiple implementations (languages).
  6. What are the jars required?
    1. Cucumber-Java
    2. Cucumber-Junit
    3. Junit
    4. Selenium
  7. What is the purpose of tags in cucumber?
    1. Its used to organise/group the features and scenarios  for execution.
  8. What is the difference between scenario and scenario outline?
    1. Scenario is set of steps, and a scenario will execute only once.
    2. Scenario outlines also contains set of steps, scenario outline will execute multiple times depends on the test data.
      1. if there are three row of test data excluding the headers.
  9. How many times scenario outline will be executed?
    1. Scenario outline will execute multiple times depends on the test data.
      1. if there are three row of test data excluding the headers.
  10. What is cucumber hooks?
    1. Cucumber provides a number of hooks which allow us to run blocks at various points in the Cucumber test cycle.

    2. Cucumber has two hooks “Before” and “After” these can be applied to the methods.
      1. Before hook will be executed  before every scenario.
      2. After hook will be executed after every scenario.
  11. If Before hook is available and background is available for a scenario, in which order they execute?
    1. Before Hook – BackGround – Scenario
  12. Explain the procedure how do you create cucumber end to end tests for the given test case.
    1. launch a website google.com

    2. Enter “selenium” in search field

    3. click on search button

    4. results should be displayed.

  13. Types of reports generated by cucumber JUNIT.
    1. Text
    2. HTML
    3. JSON
  14. What is background, and when it will be executed?
    1. Backgroud is used to specify a pre-condition steps for a scenario.
    2. It executes before every scenario.
  15. What are the differen