1. What are the different component of selenium?
  2. Do you worked on selenium remote control?
  3. What are the different selenium locators are exists?
  4. When do you use x-path?
  5. How do you get the x-path?
  6. What are the different x-path are there? which one kind of x-path you prefer to use? and why?
  7. How do you maximise the window?
  8. How do you close the window? what are the different way of closing the windows?
  9. If i have to close multiple browser windows ? how do you that?
  10. What are the different exceptions you have seen in selenium?
  11. If the element is not found? how to you trouble shoot?
  12. How do you select an item from a drop down? can you write the code.
  13. What are the different ways of selecting the drop down?
  14. How do you switch to an alert?
  15. What are the different methods in alert class?
  16. How do you switch to a windows?
  17. how do you get the current window Id?
  18. how do you get all the opened windows by selenium?
  19. When you click on a button, a new window is opened? you need to perform some actions on new window, and come back to previous window? how do you do that?
  20. How do you right click on an element?
  21. What are the different methods you know in actions class?
  22. When do we using build method of actions class?
  23. When do we use perform in actions class? is that required?