1. C Sharp (C#) [Please click on the link to see the c# content]
  2. Introduction to Selenium
    Selenium Origins
    Selenium – what is it?
    Selenium Features
    Selenium Supported Platforms
  3. Selenium vs QTP
  4. Selenium Variants
    Selenium IDE
    Selenium Remote Control
    Selenium Web Driver
    Selenium Grid
  5. Installation of Java & Selenium
  6. Selenium IDE
    Setting up Selenium IDE
    IDE in detail – Features and Components
    Record and Playback in IDE
    Editing Scripts in Selenium IDE
    Running a Test Script
    Selenium Commands
    Adding Verification Points
    Script Examples
    Test Suites
    Advanced IDE – Java Script, UI Elements, and User-Extensions
  7. Selenium Web Driver
    Why Webdriver?
    How Webdriver works?
    Difference between Selenium RC and Webdriver
    Setting up webdriver
    Creating scripts using Webdriver
    Playing with UI objects using Webdriver
    Cross browser testing using Webdriver
    Advanced WebDriver – Multiple browsers, Browser profiles, Screenshots etc.
    Using Page Objects in WebDriver
  8. Selenium Remote Control (RC)
    Description and How Selenium RC works
    Selenium RC Installation
    Selenium RC Server
    Choosing RC Programming Language
    Exporting IDE test to RC script
    RC Architecture
    Writing a Test Script in RC
  9. Locators (developer tools + Selenium IDE)
    Partial Link Text
    Tag Name
  10. Handling Form Controls
    Accessing Input box
    Accessing Radio Buttons
    Accessing Checkbox
    Accessing Dropdown
    Accessing Submit Buttons
    Accessing Links
    Accessing Calendar
    Accessing Google auto suggest
  11. Handling Pop up and alerts
  12. Handling Ajax Application with Example
  13. Handling Events on a webpage
  14. Actions
    1. Keyboard events
    2. Mouse Events
  15. Finding Elements and Child Elements
  16. Selenium Grid
    Introduction of selenium Grid
    Installation and setup of Hub and node
    Simple script execution using grid
    Understanding Grid
    Exercise on Selenium Grid
  17. Develop Hybrid Framework
    1. Data Driven Concepts (Working with Excels)
    2. Page Object Model
    3. Object Repository Concept
    4. Test Execution
    5. Test Report Generation
    6. Continuous Integration
  18. TestNG
  19. Hudson/Jenkins
  20. Maven
  21. Live Project Demo with the Framework Created