1. Introduction to Appium
    1. What is Appium
    2. Features of Appium
    3. Appium vs Other Mobile Automation Tools
    4. Appium architecture
  2. Appium – pros and cons
  3. Installation of Appium and Related softwares
    1. Download And Install Softwares required for Automation Android Applications
    2. Download And Install Sofwares required for Automation iOS Applications
  4. Creating emulators and simulators
  5. Understanding the The Appium GUI
    1. The Appium GUI for Windows
    2. The Appium GUI for Mac
  6. Locators
  7. Finding Elements with Different Locators
    1. Finding elements for Web Applications
      1. Chrome ADB Plugin for Android Web applications
      2. Safari Develop option for iOS Web
    2. Finding the elements for Native Applications
      1. UIAutomator Viewer for Android Native Applications
      2. Appium Inspector for iOS Native Applications
    3. Finding elements for native and hybrid apps
  8. Running Automation Scripts
    1. Important initial points
    2. Necessary desired capabilities for Android and initiating the Android driver
    3. Necessary desired capabilities for iOS and initiating the iOS driver
    4. Automating native apps
    5. Working with web-apps
    6. Hybrid apps’ automation
    7. Android hybrid apps
    8. iOS hybrid apps
    9. Summary
  9. Running Automation Scripts on Real Devices
    1. Important initial points
    2. Desired capabilities for Android and initiating the Android driver
    3. Installing provisional profile, SafariLauncher, and ios-webkit-debug-proxy
    4. Desired capabilities for iOS and initiating theiOS driver
    5. Automating native apps
    6. Working with web apps
    7. Automating hybrid apps
    8. Android hybrid apps
    9. iOS hybrid apps
    10. Summary
  10. Advanced User Interactions
    1. Exploring advanced user interactions
    2. Long press
    3. Scroll and swipe
    4. Drag and drop
    5. Pinch and zoom
    6. Alerts
    7. Spinners
    8. The switch button
    9. The slide SeekBar
    10. Capturing screenshots
    11. Capturing screenshots on test failure
  11. Develop Hybrid Framework
    1. Data Driven Concepts (Working with Excels)
    2. Object Repository Concept
    3. Test Execution
    4. Test Report Generation
    5. Continuous Integration
  12. TestNG
  13. Hudson/Jenkins
  14. Maven
  15. Live Project Demo with the Framework Created