1. Introduction
    The java programming language.
    History of java.
    The platform (JRE & JDK).
    Features of java.
    The way java works.
  2. Installation
    Installing java on computer.
    Setting up environment variables.
    Verifying java installation.
  3. Getting Started
    Writing Simple java program & understanding.
    Compiling Program.
    Running Program.
    Java IDE’s (eclipse, net Beans)
  4. Object Orientation concepts
    Encapsulation/Data hiding.
  5. Variables
    Instance Variables
    Local Variables
    Class Variables / Static Variables
  6. Data Types
    Primitive Data types
    Reference Data types
  7. Operators
    Arithmetic Operators
    Relational Operators
    Bitwise Operators
    Logical Operators
    Assignment Operators
  8. Flow Control
    Decision making statement
    If statement
    If-else statement
    Switch statement
    Looping statement
    While statement
    Do-while statement
    For statement
    Branching statement
    Break statement
    Continue statement
    Return statement
  9. Exceptions
    Java Exceptions Overview
    Making Custom (User Defined) Exceptions
    Checked exceptions
    Runtime exceptions
  10. Strings
  11. I/O Files
  12. Generics & Collections
  13. Inner classes
  14. Threads
    Overview of Thread
    Life Cycle of A Thread
    Creating Threads