• Cucumber is the world’s most popular open source BDD tool, used by thousands of organizations and companies around the world.
  • Cucumber lets you keep specifications, automated tests and documentation in the same place, a single source of truth that never gets out of sync.
  • In the current IT Industry, all the companies are using cucumber framework and selenium to automate their tests.
  • In cucumber tests are written in plain English that can be understandable and readable by client, developers, and any other stack holder.


  1. Introduction to Cucumber
  2. Cucumber Installation
  3. Cucumber Basics
  4. Creating a Feature
  5. Creating Step Definitions
  6. Implementing Our First Step Definition
  7. Adding an Assertion
  8. What’s Gherkin For?
  9. Scenario
  10. Writing Runner Class
    1. Pretty Tag
    2. Glue Tag
  11. Background
  12. Data Tables
  13. Scenario Outline
  14. Hooks
  15. Create the Maven Project
  16. Introduce class to support multiple browsers.
  17. Writing Tags to Scenario and features
  18. Running selected tests
  19. Generating Cucumber reports
  20. Hybrid automation framework on cucumber with selenium
  21. Parallel execution to reduce execution time
  22. Selenium Grid execution